"So that they are never forgotten!"
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I do not feel that it has had the impact that I thought it would on people and the church. I thank those of you that have cared enough to comment.

                      My Personal View - A Sad Picture

I have done all that I can to try to ensure that the songs composed by brothers  and sisters baptized in the Name of Jesus and full of the Holy Ghost are not forgotten. Initially, my goal was to reach thousands all over the world and secondly for these songs to be accepted and sung in our churches. I feel that I have accomplished the first goal, but not the second. In working this ministry I seek nothing for myself, i.e. I do not seek to be praised or compensated. I do not sell this music. The Lord blessed me with an exceptional professional career. I do it all for the honor and glory of God, and so these songs are never forgotten! This website will not be around forever.

I have recorded more than 285 songs with Spanish lyrics and have made them available for free listening, download and even linking to my website by churches that have a website. I thank God that this website is reaching more than 11,000 different visitors per month making thousands of visits. Based on the comments I receive these songs are having a tremendous impact on many individuals throughout Latin America and the U.S. Some churches in the U.S., Mexico, South and Central America have linked to this website and others are using the tracks to assist in their congregational singing. Bro. Felix Gaxiola Inzunza, ex-president of the Apostolic Church in Mexico directed that at least two of the songs in the Suprema Alabanza hymnal were to be sung at every service. I applied a little extra effort to record as many (198) of the songs found in that hymnal based on Bro. Gaxiola’s expressed support for this ministry. Until the recent redesign of its website, the IAFCJ headquarters website included a link to this website. It no longer does. The Apostolic Assembly (headquarters) website does not include a link to this website.

Many of these songs are being forgotten because modern ministers prefer singing one stanza, fast beat songs with no spiritual substance in their services. Many of the songs sung in their congregations were composed by people that are not even filled with the Holy Ghost. That is an insult to the Patriarchs of our church such as Revs. Antonio C. Nava, Benjamin Cantú,
Jose Ortega A., Maclovio Gaxiola L,, E. M. Cota, Marcial De La Cruz, Lorenzo Salazar, and many others. The Apostolic Church in the U.S. is losing its identity, not only in its rich song legacy. It is losing its identity as a church based on Ephesians 2:20. If you travel throughout the U.S., as I have, you will have a difficult time identifying the denomination of our churches based on the indistinct names of the churches.   

The Apostolic Church in the U.S., with few exceptions, is doing nothing to change this sad picture. I know that Galatians 6:9 says that I should not get weary, but I am tired - so pray for me and this ministry. 

Larry C. Rios