"So that they are never forgotten!"
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We must do all that we can to try to ensure that the songs composed by brothers  and sisters baptized in the Name of Jesus and full of the Holy Ghost are not forgotten.

Many of these songs are being forgotten because they are no longer sung in our churches. We need to evaluate the impact that limiting our praise worship to one stanza, fast beat songs with limited spiritual substance has on our worship services. It is okay to sing these “coritos”, but we must ensure that we include songs that carry a message that nourishes our spiritual souls, as well as honor and praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Mat 4:4). The songs composed by the Patriarchs of our church such as Revs. Antonio C. Nava, Benjamin Cantú, Jose Ortega A., Maclovio Gaxiola L,, E. M. Cota, Marcial De La Cruz, Lorenzo Salazar, as well as many other Brothers and Sisters, were inspired by the Holy Ghost and therefore can be said to have “come from the mouth of God”. That cannot be said of many  of the modern day praise songs. Our church cannot afford to lose its rich song legacy. When that happens, we have lost our identity as a church based on Ephesians 2:20.

Consider this website as a tool for spreading the gospel through the message in these songs, as well as ensuring that our Apostolic songs are never forgotten. In the last 5 years of online existence this website has consistently averaged more that 10,000 unique, non-robot, visitors per month. Based on comments received, these songs are having a tremendous impact on many individuals throughout Latin America and the U.S. Some churches, that do not have musicians, are using the tracks to assist in their congregational singing.

Larry C. Rios